Soraka, The Child Of Autumn

Soraka, The Child Of Autumn

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This is a skin for those who doesn't like default look of Soraka. It uses re-coloured images of Dryad Soraka and re-coloured Soraka skin. It contains files inside the game (Load Screen, Square Image, Circle Image, Skin) and outside the game (Splash Screen, Square Image). Enjoy!

Install: Unpack zip to your Games folder, allow to switch files.

Uninstall: .../League of Legends/Air/assets/images/champions and rename:
Soraka_02 -> Soraka_0
Soraka_Splash_02 -> Soraka_Splash_0
Soraka_Square_02 -> Soraka_Square_0
allow to switch files.
Then go to .../League of Legends/Game/DATA/Characters and delete "Soraka" folder.

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Submitted by Verthiss

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